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The list of various undergraduate Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Cybersecurity courses that I have offered at different institutes using face-to-face, online, and hybrid modalities is below.

Courses offered at undergraduate level

Computer Science

  • Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

  • Algorithms

  • C#

  • Computer Languages (Python)

  • Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers

  • Data Structures - Online also

  • Introduction to Computer Science I (using Python and also using Java)

  • Introduction to Computer Science II (using Java) - Online also

Computer Systems

  • Computer Organization

  • Computer System Concepts - Online also

  • Operating Systems

  • Systems Programming (using UNIX and C)


  • Cyber-Security Principles and Practice - Online also

  • Foundations of Cyber-Security

  • Computer Science Problems (Independent Study on IoT Security)

Secure Cyber Systems

  • Wireless Networks

Software Engineering

  • Software Construction

  • Software Engineering: Design and Implementation

  • Software Integration and Verification and Validation


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